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„Frau Hemmrich ist eine sehr qualifizierte und hervorragende Referentin. Das Feedback der Kollegen ist außerordentlich positiv.“
Sylvia D., Assistentin der Geschäftsführung

„To date, I consider this project management training to be one of the most effective trainings I have had the pleasure of taking part in throughout my career at Siemens. One of the key success factors of the course was having Angela as a trainer. She not only convinced me and my fellow trainees with her broad understanding of state-of-the-art project management theory but moreover with her vast practical experience and hands-on problem solving approach. She was able to support any academic statement with own genuine exposure to the life of a project manager which allowed the content of the training to be portrait in vivid colors and thus ensured sustainability of the learnings. The training furthermore benefitted highly from Angela’s professional and open-minded nature, her drive to guide the team to success and the joyfulness she motivated the participants to attend the training with full dedication. Thank you, Angela, for inspiring us!“
Friederike Ö., Head of international Project Management

„Ich habe mit Angela in verschiedenen Projektmanagement-Trainings als Co-Trainer zusammengearbeitet, immer mit internationalen Gruppen unterschiedlicher Expertise. Wesentlicher Bestandteil dieser Trainings ist das Arbeiten an konkreten Fällen aus aktuellen Projekten, die die Teilnehmer mitbringen.
Die Stärke von Angela und ihr Hintergrund als erfolgreiche Projektmanagerin zeigt sich bei solchen Trainings unmittelbar: Kein Theoretisieren, kein Lehrbuchwissen, sondern praktisches, zupackendes Eintauchen in die Projekte, wertvolle Tipps und Strategien zum weiteren Vorgehen und zur Erfolgskontrolle. Sie verfügt über eine hohe Methodenkompetenz, viel Praxis und Kreativität, um auch scheinbar ausweglose Situationen zu drehen und die involvierten Mitarbeiter zu motivieren, es einmal ganz anders zu versuchen.
Ich kann Angela daher auch wärmstens dafür empfehlen, außerhalb einer Trainingsumgebung in ein aktives Projekt mit diversen Problemstellungen einzubinden, um ein solches wieder auf den richtigen Weg zu bringen..“
Alexander P., Division CFO Saudi Arabien

“Angela is a phenomenal facilitator and coach for project managers. I've worked with her for several years on various programs and each time I'm impressed all over again by her knowledge and ability to manage the participants. I have seen first hand how she's enabled our employees to grow their skill sets.”
Amy G., Principal Learning Partner USA

“Angela is an experienced and astute international Senior Project Management trainer who has taught me valuable Project Management skills and fundamentals. What makes Angela distinguished from other trainers is, she gives practical experience in her sessions and lets her students to apply themselves practically to experience the complexities and dynamics of Project Management (PM).
Angela’s passion for PM is infectious and makes it easy for her students to relate to the subject. She is articulate and has a gift of explaining comprehensive and complex topics in a way that makes her students to grasp concepts easy. Before I attended her PM training sessions, I just joined a large Railway Signaling Project (coming from an Accounting and Controlling back- ground). The information and practical experience that Angela drilled into me, made my start in my new job seamless in terms of putting everything I learnt into a good perspective. In my books, Angela ranks highly as one of the TOP CLASS trainers that I ever interacted with.” 
Andrew M., Country Business Unit Controller, South Africa